Welcome to Owasso Soccer Club!

Spring soccer season is underway. All age groups
have been filled and we are excited for games
to begin March 9th!

If you have a child with a 2020 birth year we would
love to have them in our minikickers program
beginning the first weekend in April.

Register as a coach or assistant coach today!

Please consider coaching for your child’s soccer team. OSC is a non profit, volunteer led soccer program and we are so grateful to those that are able to coach our area youth and sacrifice their time for the fun of the game. 

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Register as a Team Manager

Allowing our coaches to have an assistant to manage the scheduling of practices and events can significantly streamline your soccer season, ensuring efficient use of time and resources. This support will not only optimize our team’s preparation but also allow your coach to focus more on coaching and player development. 

Register today!

The Owasso Soccer Club (OSC) of Oklahoma is a non-profit club focused on promoting and providing a safe, fun and encouraging atmosphere to learn the game of soccer while growing individually as well as a team player. OSC was established in 1977 and welcomes all players regardless of playing experience, playing level or abilities.

Parents are also valued within our club as coaches, managers and moral support for our youth players as they play the great game. OSC’s core emphasis is to develop players at all levels of play – by building and improving their skills, confidence, fitness, and a sense of teamwork. We welcome you to OSC and believe you will enjoy ‘your’ club as we make it a cornerstone for our youth players for years to come.







Age Brackets and Cost

$55 for U4 (MiniKickers)

$80 for U5-U6

$90 for U7 & up

Teams play a total of 8 games per season.

AGE GROUP CHART FOR 2023/2024: Players are grouped based on their birth YEAR.

Age Group Chart for
Fall 2023/Spring 2024