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Games start September 17, played every Sunday afternoon. 8 games minimum. $60

$20 Referee paid in cash per team per game


1.1 Team Information

  • 6 Total participants per team on the field including the goalie (5 Players plus goalie)
  • Coed teams shall have a maximum of 2 male players (keeper is included) on the field at any given time.
  • Substitution Limit: None
  • Any guest player must be registered with OSC Adult league.
  • There is no minimum number of players to start a game. If a team is short players, it is at their discretion to continue with the scheduled game or forfeit.
  • COED: All goals scored count as 1 (girls, guys, keepers)
  • No Offsides

1.2 Team Captain/Team Representative

  • Every team must appoint a Captain/Team Representative.
  • The Captain/Team Representative of the team is the only team member permitted to consult/dispute with the referee.
  • Any other player consulting/disputing or shows dissent with the referee may be carded or ejected from the game at the discretion of the referee.

1.3 Reschedule policy

  • All reschedule requests must be presented to the adult lead committee 72 hours prior to kick off of the game.
    The team requesting the reschedule must coordinate with the opposing teams representative and have alternative dates and times in place before contacting the adult league committee. Once the request has been submitted to the adult league committee the committee will either approve or deny the reschedule request based on referee and field availability as well as other factors. Any forfeitures will result in a 10-0 loss for the team that is not present and the absent team will also pay the referee fees for both teams.

1.4 Players’ Uniform & Equipment

  • Numbered shirts that all match in color. Team must have matching colored shirts

1.5 Substitution Method

  • Substitutions can only be made when the ball is out of play and with the referee’s consent.
  • “On the fly” substitutions will NOT be permitted.

1.6 Duration of the Game

  • Duration: Two equal periods of 25 minutes on a running clock. (Clock stops for injuries and goals)
  • Half-time: 5 minutes

1.7 Method of Scoring

When the whole of the ball has passed over the goal line, between the goal posts and under the crossbar (except by illegal means
i.e., handball).

  • A goal may be scored ONLY from the attacking half.

1.8 Start of Play Procedure

  • The beginning of the game will start with a kick-off by Team A at the center of the field upon the referee’s signal. The kick-off is an indirect kick and does not need to travel forward first. The second half will begin with a kick-off by Team B at the center of the field upon the referee’s signal.

1.9 Goalie Rules

  • Goalie cannot pick ball up from teammates pass from his/her foot. Violation of this rule results in an indirect kick by the opposing team from the spot of the foul)
  • Goal kick is on the ground anywhere in goal box.
  • No punting.

2.1 The ball is out of play when

  • It has wholly passed over the goal line or touchline on the ground or in the air.
  • Play has been stopped by the referee.
  • It touches a match official, remains on the field of play and:
    1. a team starts a promising attack or
    2. the ball goes directly into the goal or
    3. the team in possession of the ball changes
      1. In these cases, it is at the referee’s discretion to restart play with a drop ball or indirect kick.

2.2 Kick-in and Free Kicks

  • Kick-ins are indirect kicks to be taken in place of the throw-in.
  • The ball is placed at the point it left the field or where the infraction occurred.
  • If the kick-in has not been taken within 6 seconds after a referee has signaled; the kick-in may be given to the opposing team.
  • The kicker cannot play the ball a second time until it has been played by another player; infringement of this rule entails an indirect free kick to the opposing from the point of infringement.
  • Players on the opposing team must be at least 10ft away from the point of kick-in.
  • Kick-ins are indirect and cannot score directly from a kick-in.

2.3 Corner Kicks

  • A corner kick is awarded when the whole of the ball passes over the goal line, on the ground or in the air, having last touched a player of the defending team, and a goal is not scored.
  • A goal may be scored directly from a corner kick, but only against the opposing team; if the ball directly enters the kicker’s goal, a corner kick is awarded to the opponents.

2.4 Indirect Kick

Indirect free kick awarded when any of the following offenses is committed.
(penalty kick awarded when infringement takes place in penalty area):

  • kicking or attempting to kick an opponent.
  • tripping an opponent
  • jumping at an opponent
  • charging an opponent in a violent or dangerous manner
  • charging an opponent from behind
  • holding an opponent
  • pushing an opponent
  • charging an opponent with shoulder (i.e., shoulder charge)
  • sliding at an opponent (i.e., sliding tackle)
  • dangerous play (e.g., attempting to kick ball held by goalkeeper)
  • obstruction
  • charging the goalkeeper in the penalty area (i.e., goalkeeper charge)
  • goalkeeper picks up or touches with his hands from kick-in or pass from a teammate.

2.5 Penalty Kick

  • To be taken from the penalty mark or 8 yards away
  • The player taking the penalty kick must be clearly identified.
  • The kicker is to aim at goal, with the intention of scoring.
  • All players must be at or behind the midfield line except for the kicker and goal keeper.
  • The player taking the penalty kick must kick the ball forward; backheeling is permitted provided the ball moves forward.
  • When the ball is kicked, the defending goalkeeper must have at least part of one foot touching, in line with, or behind, the goal line.
  • The ball is in play when it is kicked and clearly moves.
  • The kicker shall not play the ball a second time until it has been touched by another player. (If the goal keeper touches or saves the ball then the kicker may attempt the rebound as long as keeper does not have ball in his/her possession)
  • The penalty kick is completed when the ball stops moving, goes out of play or t he referee stops play for any offence.

2.6 Main Referee

  • Duties: Enforce the laws, apply the advantage rule, keep a record of all incidents before, during and after game, stop game when deemed necessary, caution or expel players guilty of misconduct, violent conduct or other ungentlemanly behaviour, allow no others or illegal players to enter the pitch, stop game to have injured players removed, signal for game to be restarted after every stoppage, decide that the ball meets with the stipulated requirements.
  • Position: Side Lines
  • No offsides

2.7 Disciplinary action

A player or team official who commits a caution-able offence, either on or off the field of play is disciplined according to the offence. Abusive language to referee or another player is UNACCEPTABLE and could result is permanent dismissal from the entire league.

2.7.1 Cautionable Offenses: (A referee issues a Yellow Card)

  • A player persistently infringes the Laws of the Game.
  • A player shows dissent with any decision of the referee.
  • A player is guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • Deliberately checking a player.
  • Provoking altercation (e.g. pushing, sliding, holding, tripping or poking)
  • Failing to respect the required distance when play is restarted with a dropped ball, corner kick, free kick or throw-in
  • Deliberately delaying the restart of play
  • Entering, re-entering or deliberately leaving the field of play without the referee’s permission
  • Unsporting behavior
  • Persistent offences (no specific number or pattern of offences constitutes ‘persistent’)

2.7.2 Sent-off Offence: (A referee issues a Red Card)

When a red card is issued, a player must leave field area. The Adult League Committee reserves the right to expel or ban player from facility for an extended time determined by the Adult League Committee. All red card offenses will result in at least a one match ban. Game continues, the team plays one player down for the rest of the game. Any player receiving a red card offence will be subject to review by the Adult League Committee before player is authorized to return.

2.7.3 Players shall be sent off (Red Carded) for

  • Fighting or spitting
  • Serious foul play
  • Violent conduct
  • Continuous foul or abusive language
  • Second yellow card or straight red card
  • Intentionally impeding a clear goal opportunity (e.g. through a “professional foul)

League Teams

Mens – (18 years and older)

Womens – (18 years and older)