Player Info And FAQ’s

The Spring 2024 soccer season start date is March 9th for games.

A season will include 8 games on average and up to 10 in some cases. While it is the intent to play as many as 8 games, it not guaranteed due to mother nature and things outside the control of OSC.

Players must be born in 2020 to attend the Minikicker program. For additional information please click here.

OSC’s U5 and U6 cost is $80.00.  For U7 players up through U19 age group, the cost is $90.00 per season. There is a family discount available of $5 OFF per player when registering with a family account (ex: $5 Discount applies to 2nd, 3rd and more players). MiniKickers is $55 per season.

Online registration is accessed  if you have a Credit Card.  After the deadline, late fees are applied; and your child is placed on a waiting list for team placement, and if team placement is not found registration fees will be refunded.

If your child has not played soccer with OSC in the past, a copy of their Birth Certificate for validation of your child’s DOB. Submit birth certificates during registration.

Registration pays for several items (including Admin fees, Secondary Insurance, Referee Fees, Field Maintenance, Equip ~Goals/Corner Flags/Paint, etc.)

Cleats, Shin Guards, and a ball (size varies for age), and uniform for all age groups/teams except U4 Mini Kickers.

Appropriate size ball for perspective age of your player (Chart below).  Each team will decide on their own what uniforms they want to buy for their own team.  OSC encourages coaches and parents to try and keep the cost down and not order expensive uniforms.

Open registration runs up through July 24, 2023 and after the deadline, there are late fees.  Additionally, after the July 24 date, your child will be put on a waitlist to ensure there is a team available to place them on.

Teams may practice at the sports complex on the West Practice area, or another location based on the coach’s availability.

Most games are on scheduled Saturdays and start 8am or later. Games are not usually scheduled to start after 4pm, although there are some exceptions. With older age groups (U11/U12 and above) teams, they may play home and away games based on which clubs enter a bracket.  There are exceptions related to weather.   Games for Owasso Soccer Club are played at 10320 E. 116th St N. (Behind Funtastic Island Park).

Practices are held in the evenings generally and based on the age of the team.  Generally, practices are held in the evening. Practices will be 1x week for U4/U5 players, and 1-2x a week at the coach’s discretion for U6-U19.

Yes, based on financial hardship of the family. Some examples of required types of forms or information are; Sooner care card, School meal program card, a utility bill showing limited income, etc.

Official league soccer balls come in three general sizes: 3, 4, and 5. There are smaller ones, but these size are the most commonly-used among young and adult soccer players.

Here are guidelines:

Size 3:
3-7 years old (U4 – U8) 23-24 inches/11-12
Size 4:
8-12 years old (U9 – U12) 25-26 inches/12-13
Size 5:
13 years and up (U13 – U18) 27-28 inches/14-16

Go to NEOFC’s web site below to register for Academy.

All birth certificates MUST be submitted through the online registration process.

No refunds of registration fees will be allowed after players are registered with Owasso Soccer Club, except in cases of financial hardship, medical reasons, a move by the player to an area outside the Club’s boundary or failure of the Club to place a player on a OSC team roster. Such refunds will be in the amount of one-half (½) of the registration fee paid, except in the case of failure of the Club to place a player on an OSC team roster which shall constitute a full refund. No refunds shall be granted after the first regular season game.  All refunds will be mailed after the first game of the season.  Proof of requests may be required.

Coaches only:

Go to:

Login with user name/password.

Navigate to team management.

All Game Cards should be placed in the Green mailboxes in front of the Rest Rooms for U10 and under.  U12 and older will follow the instructions on the top of the game card.

Rules can be found by navigating to the appropriate age group on the OSC Web site under Programs and Rules > Recreational > (age group)

To reserve a field, email  Include in the email a couple of times and dates that will work for your team.  New assignments will be on a first come, first serve basis.  Returning coaches will be given priority each season for their previous field.

Please review our Parents Code of Conduct for appropriate behavior at the OSC Soccer Complex.

As long as 50% of the team members return, the team members that return will automatically be placed on the same team.

Go to

Individual Player Login

Password: [password]

You can view a map of the OSC Fields in this document.

The bathrooms are located directly north of the Concession Stand in the building with the Green Roof.

Click on Field Status at the top of the OSC web site or look in the middle of our home page.