OSC Missing Child Procedure

If you have a missing child report to a referee, a club official, or the concession stand immediately!

OSC Missing Child Procedure

Upon initial notice of a missing child the complex will go on total shutdown and the following procedures will be initiated:

1. Three short blasts with air horn will be sounded to alert all OSC board members and staff as well as parents and spectators a missing child has been repo

2. The sports park and service road to the soccer complex will immediately be closed via a board member/Staff Member/Field Marshall/or Referee’s veh No one will be able to enter or exit the complex until the “all clear” signal is sounded.

3. Obtain detailed description of missing child: name, sex, clothing, height, weight, and last location and time the child was seen

4. Notify all referees and initiate search of entire complex, including restrooms, concession stand, storage buildings and areas, parking lot, and tree line areas.

5. Call 911 and be prepared to provide details of missing child.

6. As and if necessary, games may be suspended until the child is found.

7. Sound all clear with air horn, one long blast, when child is found