Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Owasso Benefit Tournament?

It is a small-sided tournament that we have hosted in Owasso for several years now & have a blast doing so. Each year OSC selects a charity to support & raise awareness while giving the kids/adults a different look at soccer during the summer time. This will be Owasso Soccer Club’s 13th Year to host a BENEFIT tournament!


Who is Owasso Education Foundation?

The Owasso Education Foundation is a non-profit org. whose mission is to support and promote excellence in the Owasso Public Schools by providing money to teachers for otherwise unfunded projects.


When is the deadline to register for the tournament?

June 30, 2018


Who can enter?


Recreation / Academy / Competitive & COED Adults


How can teams be formed?

You can mix & match kids from different teams to form


What age group do we sign up as?

You will play in the same as you did this Spring season, the soccer year advancement time is not until August 1.


Are there going to be different skills levels of play?

Yes. Our goal will be to have rec, academy & competitive brackets however that depends on how many enter the event. TEAMS THAT HAVE 2 OR MORE ACADEMY/COMPETITIVE PLAYERS WILL BE BRACKETED IN THE ACADEMY/COMPETITIVE BRACKETS.


What’s the format for my age group?

U6 plays 4v4 no keeper max roster is 8

U7-U12 plays 4v4 no keeper max roster is 8

U13-Adults plays 6v6 with keeper max roster is 12


How many kids should my team bring?

That depends on you. Most teams will bring 2 more than what they play due to lots of playtime during a short game length. Keep in mind it is July & will be hot!


What size are the fields?

U6-U12 plays on a 40 yard X 30 yard

U13-Adult plays on a 55 yard X 30 yard




How much does it cost?

U6-U12 is $190

U13-Adult is $280


What is a “crease rule”?

The crease rule is a no touch zone placed in front of the goal on the 4v4 games only. If a defensive player touches the ball within the crease then a goal is awarded. If an offensive players touches the ball within the crease then a goal kick is awarded. If the ball comes to rest inside without scoring a goal then ONCE the referee has blown the whistle the restart will be a goal kick. NO CREASE RULE in the 6v6 game.


Can we score anywhere on the field?

NO. The ball must be touched within the team’s offensive half of the field.


How long are the games?

U6-U12 is 2×12 minute halves

U13-Adult is 2×16 minute halves


Who will get awards?

ALL U6 players will get a participation award while the other age groups will compete for 1st & 2nd place finishes.


How do I register my team?

Easy visit link to enroll. Credit cards will not be processed until your team is accepted which won’t happen until the deadline July 1 has past. Mailing of checks is okay but will be turned off on June 22 so that we receive & update all entries.


When is team check-in?

Friday night before event from 5-8pm at the Owasso Sports Complex & Saturday morning of from 7-9am.


What do I need to bring to check-in?

Official team roster / waiver form


I have a question not answered here, who do I contact?

Please email the tournament director at with any questions.


I would like to referee during this event, who do I contact?

Contact Ken Williams at

I am interested in donating or becoming a sponsor for this event, what do I do?

Contact Dean Cummings at