Fall 2020  Registration is OPEN

We have updated our registration software this season which will require you to create a new account. We apologize for this inconvenience but it will be a much easier platform. 

U5  and older registration Link for Fall 2020

A separate link will be listed below for MiniKickers.



$55 for U4 (MiniKickers)
$75 for U5-U6
$85 for U7 & up
Questions about registration?
Contact the OSC Registrar:  918-515-0299 -or- oscreg@oscsoccer.com

Scholarships are available
Please download the file below, complete and
return to any of our upcoming walk-in registrations

Age Brackets for the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 Seasons

Birth year                                   Age Group

2016                              U4  (MiniKickers)

2015                                                       U5

2014                                                        U6

2013                                                        U7

2012                                                        U8

2011                                                        U9*

2010                                                        U10*

2009                                                        U11**

2008                                                        U12**

2007                                                        U13***

2006                                                        U14***

2005                                                        U15****

2004                                                       U16****

2003                                                        U17*****

2002                                                        U18*****


*U9-U10 are combined in league play as U10

**U11-U12 are combined in league play as U12

***U13-U14 are combined in league play as U14

****U15-U16 are combined in league play as U16

*****U17-U18 are combined in league play as U18