Fall 2021 Registration is Open


Fall 2021 Registration is now open!

U5-U19 Registration

U4 (2018 birth year) Minikickers Registration

We have updated our registration software which will require you to create a new account if you have not already done so. We apologize for this inconvenience but it will be a much easier platform. 

$55 for U4 (MiniKickers)
$80 for U5-U6
$90 for U7 & up
Questions about registration?
Contact the OSC Registrar:  918-515-0299 -or- oscreg@oscsoccer.com



For information regarding our partner North East Oklahoma Futball Club please visit their website at the following links. 

NEOFC Competitive Soccer

NEOFC Academy Soccer

Scholarships are available
Please download the file below, complete and
return to any of our upcoming walk-in registrations

Age Brackets for the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 Seasons

Birth year                                   Age Group

2018                              U4  (MiniKickers)

2017                                                       U5

2016                                                       U6

2015                                                        U7

2014                                                        U8

2013                                                       U9*

2012                                                      U10*

2011                                                  U11**

2010                                                    U12**

2009                                                    U13***

  2008                                                     U14***

    2007                                                    U15****

    2006                                                    U16****

    2005                                                   U17*****

     2004                                                   U18*****  

*U9-U10 are combined in league play as U10

**U11-U12 are combined in league play as U12

***U13-U14 are combined in league play as U14

****U15-U16 are combined in league play as U16

*****U17-U18 are combined in league play as U18