To request a game field for a scrimmage, please complete the game field request form. Click the link below for the form please.

Game field request form

Please complete all the information on the above form to request a game field for a scrimmage.

All OSC and NEOFC teams MUST send this form to Peter Koskovich ( for OSC scrimmage requests, and John Hubbard ( for NEOFC teams.

If a referee is required for the scrimmage, this form must also be sent to Ken Williams ( A field request must be submitted 7days prior to the scrimmage date.

Cost for the field usage is $25.00 per scrimmage per field with referee fees being paid directly to the referee the day of the scrimmage if one is needed.

Time slots will be based on the field requested, numbers 11, 12, 13 will be a 90 minute time slot and all other fields will be a 60 minute time slot.

All fees must be paid to Owasso Soccer Club 2 days prior to the scrimmage or the scrimmage request will be canceled and you will be billed a $50 cancelation fee.

No future scrimmages will be scheduled for your team unless your account is paid in full. Coaches are also responsible to turn field lights on and off when your scrimmage is completed.

Failure to turn lights off will be that no future scrimmages for your team will be scheduled for the playing season.

Fields will be scheduled based on prior field commitments and scheduled games.