The Owasso Soccer Club (OSC) board would like to thank you for volunteering to coach in the upcoming season.  We will try to answer some of the questions that you have to help prepare you.  Our goal is to help you become a successful coach and help your players learn the game of soccer.  By coaching this team you agree to abide by the rules of USYS and Owasso Soccer Club and you agree to live by the coach’s code of conduct.

If you have further questions or ideas to add to this document you may contact our Director of Coaching, Adam Kenes

Timeline of Events:

(After Coaches Meeting)

Within 3 days of Soccer Meeting call parents on your team to introduce yourself.

Decide on what days and time your team will practice.Either set a day that is best for you if you have a busy schedule or give the team a couple of options and let the majority vote decide on the days of the week to practice.

Have the team decide on a team name/color/logo and get uniform sizes.Place the order that night or the next day).All teams are responsible for their own uniforms.OSC recommends t-shirts and black shorts for U5 and U6.

Request another parent on the team to be an assistant coach and team manager

Team Meeting:

Determine if someone on your team has soccer experience and can help with practice and games.If you cannot attend a game or practice, it doesn’t have to be cancelled if you have an assistant to take over that day for you.Your assistant coach will need to register in GotSoccer and complete a background check or they will not be allowed to be on the sidelines with your or help out in your practices.

Pick a team manager.The team manager will be responsible for sending texts or emails to all parents regarding practice and game info.You will need to set the team manager in GotSoccer so that they will have access that they need to send out emails.

Encourage all correspondence go through the team manager so that it will leave you more time to plan practices and prepare for games.

Have parents sign medical release forms and sign parent’s code of conduct that is attached.

Express to parents your goals for the season.Also advise parents that OSC has a zero tolerance for sideline abuse and may be asked to leave the game if OSC or the referee deems the behavior is inappropriate.

Depending on the age group decide who will be the snack parent each week.If parents don’t want to bring a snack they may purchase tickets at the concession stand for the team.Each ticket costs $2.00 and it will get the player a snack and a drink.It is also a great way to support the club since the profits go right back into improving our club.


Resources for Uniforms:

< >< >< >

Scoreboard Sports locally in Owasso (just north of 96th and Garnett)

When putting logo’s and numbers on uniforms please do not put first names on jerseys for child safety purposes.


If the Owasso Soccer decides to close the complex for any reason the club will notify the coaches and parents several ways.  It is ultimately the coach’s responsibility to make sure that the parents know.

An email will be sent to all the coaches

The Website will be updated to reflect that the fields are closed.

The Owasso Soccer Club Facebook status will be updated reflecting that the fields are closed.

If you’re not notified that we are closed, it is understood that the complex is still open.  The two biggest things that cause closing on short notice is lightning and field conditions.

Day before and day of games:

The day before the game and maybe the day of have the team manager send out a text to all the parents to dress their kids for the appropriate weather.  If is often much colder and windier at the complex then at their house.  Always bring extra layers of clothes, gloves, hats, etc.  The text should also include the game time and what field and time your want the players to show up for warm-ups.

Lastly make sure you remind the players/parents to bring their cleats, shin guards and water bottle.  We suggest sending these texts reminders before every game as parents will sometimes forget to bring these items or not notify you that they will not be at the game.

Printing Game cards:

For each game your will be required to have a game card that the referee (if you have one) and the opposing coach will need to sign.  You should always bring a couple in cases the other coach forgets to bring one.  The Home and Away coach are both required to turn the game cards into the green mailboxes for all closed league games.  If you are playing in open league, you should turn your game card into where you were told.

Go to

Log into User Login

Click on Member Account

Log into your team account

Login to your team account

Click on team and team officials

Click on “view” under schedule column

Your schedule will pop up

To the left of every game there is a grey box with a # in it (this is the game number).

Click on the #.

Your game card should pop up.

Print out 2-3 copies

Contacting opposing coaches:

Go to

Log into User Login

Click on Member Account

Log into your team account

Login to your team account

Click on team and team officials

Click on “view” under schedule column

Your schedule will pop up

Click on the chat button

The contact information for the coach should pop up.