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8/27/2016 – OSC Shop Day at Dick’s Sporting Goods

Print the coupon below (click the image to see full-size coupon) and take it to Dick’s Sporting Goods at 71st & Mingo to support the OSC.

OSC and Dicks Sporting Goods Fall Shop Day Coupon 2016

8/23/2016 – West Practice Fields Open for Practice

Click here for the Fall 2016 West Practice Field Assignments.

Fall 2016 U7 & up Coaches Meeting

Click here to get the slides from the 8/16/2016 U7 & up Coaches Meeting.

Fall 2016 U5/U6 Coaches Meeting

Click here to get the slides from the 8/11/2016 U5/U6 Coaches Meeting.

Fall 2016 Registration

$100 for U4-U6
$110 for U7 & up
Aug 8 — Online Registration Closed – Slots still available, please call the Registrars directly.

Registrar:  Trisha Lockett – 918-703-7674 (U4 – U8 ages, & U10 boys)
Asst. Registrar: Sarah Reed –  918-515-0299  (U10 girls and U12 – U19 ages)

Town Hall Presentation Slides

If you were unable to attend the OSC Town Hall on Tuesday, June 21, 2016, or you would like to review them, you can view them by clicking here.

We understand there is a lot of concern regarding the changes to OSC  registration and team formation. We have been in discussion regarding these changes for much of the season and have put a lot of thought into this decision. Ultimately, this change is a mandate from US Soccer to Oklahoma Soccer Association (OSA) and to every state association in the country. Because OSC is registered under OSA we must abide by these changes.


Below you will find some Frequently Asked Questions regarding these changes…..


How will the new changes affect my player and/or team?

OSC and other sanctioned soccer clubs across the United States are changing to a mandated birth year registration and team formation process. This means, all kids born in 2010 will form one league (2010 will only play other 2010 kids) as well as each birth year.


Why doesn’t OSC just do their own thing, we’re a large club?

One of the key factors to the initiative is standardization. Everyone in a given age bracket will now be playing under the same set of rules. Should OSC not follow the new guidelines, we would no longer be sanctioned under OSA & USYS. This would cause the following problems:

  • Significant increase in our expenses for insurance and club management, since we would have to do everything ourselves.
  • OSC teams would be playing in a different format / age group than all other clubs, thereby making it very difficult for any OSC team to compete in an outside tournament.
    • If OSC was unsanctioned, our teams would not be able to obtain an acceptable roster, and most tournaments require a USYS or US Club approved roster.
  • Our tournaments would be unsanctioned, and our attendance for tournaments would drop drastically since our format would be different than everyone else.


Is OSC going to break up existing teams and reorganize teams to the new age guidelines?

Not directly. We are a Recreational Club and recognize kids want to play with their friends. We highly encourage the coach and the parents to evaluate what is in the best interest of the player/s before requesting they play up. OSC is allowing teams to stay together if 50% of the team is returning and is registered prior to June 30th at 11:59 pm. Under no circumstance will the Owasso Soccer Club allow a player to play up two age divisions without the consent of our Director of Coaching following a player evaluation. Therefore, if your birth year states that you should play U8, you cannot move into the U9/U10 age division.



How do I keep my team together?

  • 50% of the team must be returning and registered prior to June 30th at 11:59pm.
  • In order for an entire team to move up 50% of the team must be in the older age bracket.
  • If you are a returning coach and wish your team to remain together, you should make contact with your team and explain the process to ensure your parents understand the importance of the June 30th date.

***While we understand the desire to remain with existing teammates, OSC encourages each parent and player to explore what is the best situation for them. If you choose to play up an age bracket to remain with older players from your team, you will most certainly be playing against more physically-developed and skill-advanced players, and it may be more difficult to be successful and continue to grow as a soccer player. In order for a younger player to move up an age bracket, the OSC will require the parent to request the move-up using the OSA play up request form.


Can the Coach keep most of the team together, but not take certain players?

The intent is to allow teams that have been playing together the opportunity to stay together. OSC will not allow this to be used as a tool for removing weaker players! If you choose to keep your team together by encouraging any of your players to play up, you must offer the opportunity to all players to stay on the team. Please evaluate this for what is best for the entire team.


My child will be moving up age brackets, how is that good for them to be competing against kids that are older?

They will not actually be playing against kids that are that much older than they are now. (Assuming a child is not voluntarily playing up.) Everyone moves up. 2010’s vs 2010’s, 2011’s vs 2011’s etc.


Will OSC implement the new small-sided standards?

Yes. OSC is in the process of modifying the applicable age groups’ fields by re-sizing them and changing the required goal sizes for the affected ages.





A little information about Owasso Soccer Club…

The Owasso Soccer Club (OSC) of Oklahoma is a non-profit club focused on promoting and providing a safe, fun and encouraging atmosphere to learn the game of soccer while growing individually as well as a team player. OSC was established in 1977 and welcomes all players regardless of playing experience, playing level or abilities.

Parents are also valued within our club as coaches, managers and moral support for our youth players as they play the great game. OSC’s core emphasis is to develop players at all levels of play – by building and improving their skills, confidence, fitness, and a sense of teamwork. We welcome you to OSC, and believe you will enjoy ‘your’ club as we make it a corner-stone for our youth players for years to come.

To see the offering of recreational programs from OSC please click here.

We are locate 1/2 mile West of Garnett Road on N. 116th East Avenue.


Please  Contact Us  if you have questions, suggestions and/or would like to support OSC.




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